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All proposals to teach a new ILR course should be submitted in a Word document to the chair of the Curriculum Committee, Mel Durchslag at and should contain the following:

1. A brief description of the proposed course. To save the Registrar the time and effort of further editing, please ensure that the description is sufficient to give potential registrants the information needed to determine whether to take the course; try to sell your course to potential registrants.

2. A brief bio/CV describing your experience with the subject matter.

3. A brief week by week outline of the material you intend to cover.

4. Ordinarily class size is determined by room size. If you wish to otherwise limit the size of your class, please indicate your desired limit and your justification for that limit, i.e., “lab” style teaching methods, hands on classroom exercises, etc. ILR pays our instructors a small honorarium plus any expenses incurred, and pays the HOAs for the use of the rooms. Consequently, we prefer to maximize attendance as much as possible.

5. A brief statement describing any teaching aids that you require, i.e., microphones, projectors, DVD players, etc.  A paper “flip” chart and magic marker are provided automatically. The HOAs will provide teaching aids such as LED projector, DVD player, microphone, etc.  Instructors usually provide their own computers.  If you haven’t used the equipment before it is a good idea to schedule an appointment in advance with the appropriate tech people to test the interface between your computer and the equipment requested.

6. We have two “semesters”, one in the fall that runs roughly between September and December, and one in the winter/spring that runs from January through April.  Within each semester we have two sessions, each running between 5 and 6 weeks.  Please indicate whether you want to teach in the fall or the winter/spring semester and the session you prefer.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every instructor’s preference with respect to the day and or time they wish to teach.  That will depend on room availability and other demands.  Because scheduling is a difficult process and those of us who do it are, like you, volunteers, we encourage you to be as flexible as  possible.

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